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Stellar Tarping System

Tarping systems are available for all hooklift and cable hoists.  With manual or hydraulic coverage, they come with fixed or adjustable gantrys.


The stellar Industries container tarping system offers easy installation, smooth, convenient operation and most importantly, it's the toughest, most maintenance free tarping system available.  When it comes to your company's bottom line, the proven SI Tarping System will keep you in the black.
Complete Installation Kit
  • The SI Tarper offers one of the most complete installation kits on the market today.

Exclusive Modular Installation

  • The modular sub-assembly can reduce your installation time by as much as 8 hours.

Easy Hose Replacement

  • No hoses are routed through the gantry arms.  This allows for easy hose replacement while reducing costly down time during repair operations.  Keep your trucks on the road where they belong!

Easy Tarp Replacement

  • When it comes time to replace your worn tarps, the SI Tarper has the easiest and most reliable roller assembly.  Changing out tarps has never been easier.

Easy Maintenance

  • The SI Tarper's efficient design provides for easy maintenance at every point.  There are no debris-collecting teeth that often break with traditional rack and pinion systems.

Low Profile Design

  • The design of the SI Tarper keeps all the hydraulic components as low as possible and reduces load stress on other components.

Sliding Pivot

  • The SI Tarper features a sling arm pivot so the operator can cover a wide variety of containers from 15-yard to 40-yard with ease.  Additionally, the pivot assembly is field adjustable.  If the pivot is not in the most convenient place for your operation, it can be easily moved without torches and welders.

Adjustable Gantry Height

  • The hydraulic gantry system allows you to fit a wide range of container heights from 60" t o107" (152.4 to 271.78 cm) and features an easy to install optional cab guard.

Speed and Reliability

  • The quick tarping action means your wheels can turn more hours in a day.


  • Run the controls from behind the cab which keeps your operator safely on the ground away from harm.

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